Tuesday, July 30, 2013

12 Things Not to Do Before a Race!

Do I really wanna race?
Sooo this past Sunday (7/30), I was able to have some fun at the Pittsburgh Triathlon. The road was definitely not smooth getting there. With less then a week left in Blacksburg, I had planned to move up a load of my stuff to my boyfriend's (pre-fiance...cough cough) for early storage. Here's a fun list of 12 things that I had to remind myself not to do before a race (after the fact), and especially for any race over 2 hours.

1. Do not submit your manuscript the night before you plan on leaving.
2. When packing your car in the morning 5 hours after you submitted your manuscript, do not expect to NOT forget something.
3. When leaving for a 5+ hour drive, make sure your bike is on the bike rack.
4. When grabbing said bike and leaving for the second time in 10 minutes, do not forgot anything else that you might need...like your transition bag.
5. Do not decide after getting 13 hours of total sleep in the past 3 days that it would be a good idea to go furniture shopping.
6. Do not complain about dehydration while looking at said 4 furniture stores and a mattress store and do nothing about it (until bf bought you water). 
7. Do not go hungry all day then decide pizza with extra cheese (feta!) for a 3:00 pm lunch would a good idea.
8. Do not think wings with blue cheese would be an amazing dinner the night before either.
9. Do not realize you left your transition bag back in Virginia at 8:00 pm when you're in Pittsburgh.
10. Do not forget when your checking in the morning for your race packet that your license card is also in your transition bag.
11. Do not enter transition with 8 minutes before it closes.
12. Do not think negative thoughts when your race is longer then what you trained for the week!

Guess I'll go!
Look at those awesome pedals!
And with that, I jumped into the water and was off. I ended up 5th overall for women with a time of 2:18:29, which was ok (the first place woman broke 2:10!). I really wasn't sure if I even wanted to race the night before...no bike shoes, racing flats, race belt, sun glasses, racing tights (lucked out and packed my racing top in a my clothing bag), or USAT card (my smart phone wouldn't load for some reason at race site). I was really tired and was just going through the motions at that point, but what really made a bleak weekend turn right around was having the support of my boyfriend there :)! His parents also came to watch so their cheers helped the 1500m swim, 40k bike, and 10k run go faster. With Ian (I call him Shreck cause his skin is greenish white) getting me new shoes, getting me to the race site, taking my bike to the race day peeps to get his COMMUTER pedals on my bike (my tools were in the far away transition bag), and calming me down at packet pick-up created a positive race experience from what seemed like a total disaster.

Here's top 5 things to remember you can do if your hitting a rough patch before or doing a race.

1. Rock the pony tail.
2. Rock the pink helmet.
3.  Remember how much you love the sport to finish strong.

4. Make the local paper.

5. Have a pretty great guy to have your back.

Overall, even when the going gets tough just remember why you're doing what you doing :). Now, just a few more days left at the place that I have called home for the past 4 years at Virginia Tech. Tomorrow I will give my oral defense for my masters, finish up the FNP internship, then work Culpeper Triathlon from Fri-Sun, and finally officially move up to Pittsburgh on Sunday!

Here's a few more pics. The amazing photos were courtesy of Kris Shepardson. Thanks!