Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Start to My Dream Job: Week 1 of a Dietetic Intern

Man, has time flown by! Still moving in to the apartment with some of my boxes and the compu-trainer room not set up yet.  I've been here since last Sunday (kitchen was the first thing set up..haha). The biggest excitement has been the start of my dietetic internship!! Basically, the start of the final path to my DREAM job of becoming a registered dietitian :). Although, it is not the final path to my development as a nutrition professional. I hope to learn something new everyday.

Day 1: Dinner at 4:00pm. LOVE IT!
Day 1, 2, 3 of a 2-week orientation has been a blast so far. I must say that the Adagio 2013-2014 interns are a pretty awesome group of girls. We all share a love of food, cooking, drive, etc but each brings a unique perspective that I'm sure is going to help support one another throughout this process. So far it has been a whirlwind with assignments for the next 9 months thrown at us, a scavenger hunt through Pittsburgh, pre-test, and I'm sure much much more. I've felt soo much better having submitting the first revisions of my manuscript yesterday and finishing up on FNP internship paperwork. I've been able to regroup and re-enrgize into getting back into the groove of doing things I love. We still haven't gotten our rotation schedule yet and that can be a little stressful. The unique aspect of this internship is that it will be spread out all over Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. I'll be driving around doing PowerUp programs in schools, presentations, case studies, marketing projects, clinical rotations, WIC, volunteering for soup kitchen, food service, seminars, and the list could go on with over 1320 documented rotation required (HW assigments and outside projects not included).

Photos courtesy of my fellow intern, Rachel Sray. Thanks!
Scavenger hunt at the Strip District: Shark Week ?!?
Mount Washington

Training wise....basically non-existent the past few weeks, but now with the new focus I have new found energy to to get started! I haven't had much luck with finding biking routes yet so if you know of any or someone...send them my way! But....Ian and I did find an awesome set of drawers from the 1940-50's for $25 from Craigslist (two drawers wouldn't slide but it helped having Ian's father who's one of many skills as a carpenter fixed it right up). The green paint was really chipped and kinda dirty (picture doesn't really show that, but with a little paint we fixed it right up!) We also got a stand for the foyer from Ian's mother that was from his grandmother. Hey.. we had the black paint anyways, so we decided to match the drawers.

Well, might be busy but next few posts I want to have some new foodie and training session updates! Until then....I gotta hit the sack and hopefully sleep like this little princess :).