Thursday, October 17, 2013

Grocery Store Rotation Wrap Up

Why should a registered dietitian be in a grocery store? I got asked this question a lot with. Well, I loved being in the grocery store for the past two weeks as part of my internship rotation. I'll keep it short and sweet talking about the grocery store. Let's just say I believe having an RD in the grocery store is an amazing way to reach a whole spectrum of the population from all walks of life. Everyone has to eat and the grocery store is the first line of either having a healthy, happy family or early morbidity and mortality.  The RD can have a significant impact in what the client would select and debunk multiple myths on "Good" vs "Bad" foods. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to see 6 different RD's consult clients ranging from Celiac management, weight loss, gastric bypass management, diabetes life style change, etc.

Diabetes Education!
This rotation really allowed me to be creative and interaction with people which I love!From in aisle talks from health, food demos (got to wear a mic!!), designing recipes for cooking class, and health fairs  to promote healthy eating some fabulous recipe cards.

Butternut Squash with Brown Sugar Glaze :)! Take a recipe card!

A few of the aspects of this rotation included that I completed were:
  • Recipe Analysis (worked with a client to decrease sodium intake and modified a recipe using nutrition software to meet the client's needs)
  • In-Service Huddle promoting one of the dietitian's picks (created a promotional flyer following FDA's regulations for nutrition & health claims) for the new Spicy Lentil Hummus
  •  Diabetes education in-aisle (had a booth and game where customers had to guess the # of carbohydrate servings on each plate)
  • Gluten-Free event featuring sampling and education by the in-store dietitians.
Dietitian's Pick for the Month
Got Hummus?
Gluten Free Awareness Event
Now, the gluten free subject is a whole other blog post some day, but when approached and asked by customers, "So gluten free is healthier?" the dietitian replied with what I think the most important point, "a NATURALLY gluten free is healthy, but some gluten free items are just as processed as foods that would contain gluten. This goes into the whole aspect of the impact that social media has with evidence based science. It was mentioned that Dr. Oz show was watched not for the content, but for the new health claims that certain products would offer that RD's would then be questioned with the science behind. We naturally want a simple black and white picture in whether something will make you healthier, stronger, faster, or smarter. Fact of the matter is that's a hard thing to pin point. This rotation has reinforced my core value of everything in moderation. Some days that's harder to follow then others, but yes...I will have Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream tonight! Yuuummm :).

Your dog pic of the week from warmer weather memories as the cool breeze settles in :).

Chuck It is the best game ever!