Friday, October 11, 2013

Why These Rotation Updates?: Food Service Wrap Up

Why do I keep doing updates on all these rotation stuff?? What's up with that?? Well, I would like to shed light on the the elusive dietetic internship (DI). I hope to give undergraduates and future interns in dietetics a little more of a tangible platform to step onto when applying to the DI... with some delicious recipes to boot. Another intern and I have been assigned the team leader role to be in charge of the open house for the internship coming up in late November. If you're reading this now and have questions with the the whole DICAS application (application system used to apply for the majority of the DI's), internship ranking, or anything please feel free to contact me and I would love to help out! With the internship acceptance rate of about 50-52% getting accepted, every step along the way can make you or break you.  I remember searching for something more on blogs and websites for to tell me what lies in my future with the DI. I'm now starting to realize that the DI isn't so black and white. Soo...come join me as I grow and learn as a future nutrition professional!

I actually finished the food service rotation several weeks ago but have just now gotten to the write up. It's crazy how the time has flown by.  Busy, Busy, and Busy! I got mad skills now for kitchen related activities and no dish went unclean...literally, no dish went unclean! Never before have I experienced muscle soreness in my forearm from chopping vegetables...but that can be the end product of 1.5 hours of slicing zucchini, peppers, and onions.

My favorite part of this rotation was writing the menu and then being able to create a theme day. My theme was Mexican Day with steak fajitas, fish tacos, Mexican rice, and veggie and cheese quesadilla. Yuumm! Who am I kidding? The whole week was yuumm! Also, an added bonus was having a fellow intern, Jacie, for the last half of the rotation. She is awesome. That is all.

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You also become familiar with different diet orders when working the tray line such as puree, mechanical soft, and regular. more photo...DOG PIC OF THE WEEK!


Edith Nault MS