Sunday, November 17, 2013

Community Hours: Life of Dietetic Intern

The final/5th week of my WIC rotation is coming up. Man....that one has been a drive! The past 7 days though, I have been able to rack in 12 of the 16 hours of our community hours that were outside of my rotation. In other works...volunteering, volunteering, and volunteering! They were fabulous, emotional, and fun experiences dealing with food, people, and everything in between. Food can bring people together from a premier culinary celebration to 835 families in need, culminating in  local produce from the heart of Pennsylvanian.

8th Annual Fabulous Food Show 

When food meets art you get the Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland, Ohio. There were 5 total of us (interns) that made our way to volunteer at the Giant Eagle booth...answering questions from what the healthiest cooking oil is to Dr. Oz latest statement. You have to be quick on your feet at this type of setting with evidence based facts that answers any subject you can imagine! Kaycie, Jacie, and I rocked it out on Saturday.

Quicker on a horse than my feet!

They had a culinary celebration with an all-star line up of Martha Stewert, Tom Colicchio, Marcus Samuelsson, Hugh Acheson, Sunny Anderson, and Jason Roberts. Now....I really really wanted to see Tom Colicchio from TOP CHEF!! Me and the bf had a comprimise show that we both enjoyed (being Top Chef) so that the other didn't have to slowly wither away watching ESPN Something or Say Yes to the Dress. GUESS WHAT?? We got tickets and were able to see the Top Chef do his thing! 

Some of the samples I tried that day

Produce to People

The line; waiting to get a number an hour before the food was to be distributed.

I am thankful everyday for where I am in life surrounded by supportive family, friends, and animals with a roof over my head and a pantry fully stocked.  Produce to People  was an amazing opportunity to give back to the community. Their goal is to provide vegetable based items of 35-50 lbs to families in need. One way to qualify is for family members to have Unemployment Compensation, Disability Compensation, Cash assistance, Medical Assistance (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid), SNAP or were under crisis. Another qualifier would be to have a total household income falling below 150% of the federal poverty level. For a family of 4 would be $34,575 and would be pretty easy for a single mom of 3 to fall under. 

With the SNAP cuts, some of the food bank distributors have had to close. The GPCFB has seen a jump of 835 families this month compared to the 650 last month. The food items we bagged and tagged were swiss chard, carrots, veggie dips, sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, bread stuffing, tomatoes, etc. I was at the end of the line with the Giant Eagle volunteers handing out tomatoes. Saying 835 "Have a great Thanksgiving!" never got old.

Farm to Table Pittsburgh

Can't beat local food made into scrumptious samples!
Photo bombing?
Keep it real, Keep it local! Five of the lovely interns and I were able to volunteer at this event located in the Waterfront area of Pittsburgh monitoring and helping the flow of samples. This autumn harvest mingle brought in locally grown and made food items from Pennsylvania. Local beverages, sweets, cheeses, meats, creative juices, and produce were a plenty. I met a food blogger, chatted with a wine maker, and sampled divine creations with the other interns.One item that I had never tried before was the from a lady who made her own honey and infused with with local herbs and spices (her business is called Apoidea Apiary). Keeping it local kept the food real!

Chocolate peppermint honey? Yes please!
Haley and I supported Grow Pittsburgh with these awesome t-shirts!

Dietetic Interns, Class of 2014
Hard to believe these experiences fit into an already packed week with my WIC rotation, but it was well worth it.



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