Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to Have a Fun Saturday: Do Things You Love!

This week has been tougher then usually with weather, internship, class, and more internship. I was pretty happy about having a fun day Saturday planned.

We started out with Ian speaking at the UPMC Sports Medicine Seminar at UPMC Montefiore Hospital. He lectured a group of prospective marathoners about how to gear up properly to get through their training cycles. I got to model some apparel for the crowd as his assistant.

Ian talking the talk and walking the walk!

We then headed over to the Peterson Event Center where University of Pittsburgh actually had to battle it out with Virginia Tech. Now, this was my first basketball game which I was glad to be able to support the Hokies. Go Hokies!!!

Watching the Tech athletes made me remember how much I loved my time volunteering with the sports nutrition team at Virgina Tech. I am ever grateful for the Virginia Tech Sports Nutrition Director there for these opportunities. Fueling the athletes for optimal performance from optimal nutrition is hands down the most amazing experience as a dietetic student. From working at the Oasis (resource room for providing fuel for athletes), to working as a sports nutrition intern; I couldn't have asked for a better learning experience. Here's a link for my undergraduate eportfolio highlighting some of my time working with the athletes if you would like to check it out!

Swimming & Diving 2011 Championship Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

We capped the day with a run at North Park. It was a bit cold and started to flurry a little. I've been in a better mind set with training and that helps when the conditions are less then ideal (aka ice ice baby). 

Dinner again with his family and I have to say my belly was a very happy camper with this mean burger that his father made! How was your Saturday!?!


Enjoy your dog pic of the week!

Night time run! Too bad it has been to icy to run for the poor puppy :(