Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy 30 to My Roomie with 30 Meals!

I thought it would be fitting to have the last day of National Nutrition Month blog post to also celebrate my roomie's birthday with 30 meals that we've shared together dating back since December 10th, 2010....but who's counting?

What eating right means to me is not just eating to fuel but eating to live, love, and laugh with the people I want to live for :). Here's 30 meals with 30 memories that I cherish.


#1- In December 2010, I had Pumpkin Oatmeal (thanks Facebook and photo album with a timeline) with cranberries...yum yum. I told him I was vegan and he had this confused look trying to remember what I had eaten since we had just met. 

#2- My first attempt at lasagna for our first "homemade dinner" together was successful on the third attempt.  


#3- Applesauce Bran muffins...added a chopped apple to the batter. First time I ever made muffins. I wanted to add more fiber to his diet. These muffins were a great hit and they got dropped off at RunAbout several times.

#4-  Baked zucchini chips....he never had them before and he liked them. 

#5-  May- We found this amazing Orange-Glazed Salmon which is now a staple and all time favorite recipe.

#6- June- My 24th B-day dinner with the said favorite salmon recipe. He made me surf and turf with creamy orzo and toasted french bread.

#7-  I tried making Roasted Tomato Soup for the first time, he didn't really like it. Quote: "It tastes like spaghetti sauce."

#8- Shrimp Tortellini and Broccoli Soup. A quick and easy meal that we threw together when not in the cooking mood...aka when I wasn't in the cooking mood.
#9- September 2012, after he had moved to Pittsburgh and I still had a year at Virginia Tech, I came to visit the Steel city and we tried our first tapas together. Pretty good spread at Ibiza Wine and Tapas Restaurant.

#10- December, Filet and salmon...amazing two year anniversary dinner in Pittsburgh! 


 #11- In October, we ran a race and ate a cookie together then enjoyed shredded curry chicken later. 

#12- In November, we loved squash from my dad's garden. WE both agreed we liked this more then the regular tomato sauce. 

#13- I tried to make a skillet pizza, hopefully the third attempt will be more successful! He was more excited have gotten the fancy meat for free.

#14- I showed him a picture on Pinterest. He told me to make it.

#15- My mom and brother came up for Thanksgiving and we misjudged how long it really takes to cook a like 2 and half hours.

#16- In December, I made biscuits cause we were missing Gillie's in Blacksburg, VA. 

#17- The next day we had scrambled eggs with said biscuits. 
#18- He got me cupcakes for our 3 year anniversary since he knows I would rather have chocolate then flowers.  


#19- He got off work well past 9 pm and was starving. I had made some pasta with purple sweet potato and avocado cream sauce for two :).

#20- His parents are amazing and always have us over for dinner. Nothing like feeling close to home when your far away from it. So one day we brought over chili and  Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins so they wouldn't have to cook. 

#21- Again, for Valentines Day, he got me something chocolate instead of flowers and I loved it!

#22- And I made him a healthy version of a cheesecake...a Cherry Protein Cheesecake that is! 

#23-  I played around with a cauliflower pizza crust recipe for two nights in a row for my rotation site's food demo and he ate it two nights in a row. 

#24- I made Chicken Noodle Soup without the noodle....we added the noodle back the next day per his suggestion.  

#25- I told him I was having a few interns over and when he came home there were 11 girls with a great cheese spread. 

#26- He requested a sausage sweet pot with gnocchi meal and I delivered. 

#27- I request ice cream and he delivered. 

#28- He ate 3 burritos before I could freeze them for future dinners. He still owes me three sweet potato and black bean burritos.  

#29- His parent's had us over for another amazing dinner and brownie cake :). Happy Birthday!! 

#30- Well....I'm already looking forward to having dinner with my roomie. Can't wait for the future meals to come :). 

When you remember a favorite experience, is it with food, food with and a friend or a friend with food? For me, it is both :).

Your dog pic of the week with the birthday man!

Yes,'s his Birthday.