Saturday, March 29, 2014

Real Food Saturday: Got Eggs?

Let's talk eggs. One egg has lots of vitamins and minerals and I means lots! Plus it's a high-quality source protein (perfect amino acid profile) that gives you 6 grams of protein, antioxidants, and all for around 70 calories. This packs a power punch of nutrients that can help with muscle strength, weight management, brain function, eye health, and much more!  One large egg may contain 185-212 mg of cholesterol though. GASP...don't stop reading. Studies have examined the effects of egg consumption on the risk of cardiovascular disease- NO association between the two. Saturated and trans fat though (found in fried/baked foods, red meat and that lovely side of bacon) can lead to higher cholesterol levels and often associated in conjunction with egg consumption.

When I go home to visit my family, I gotta say I love the extra bonus of grabbing several dozen fresh eggs from my dad's chickens. You can actually taste the difference between natural, well fed and happy chickens vs store bought. Check out the yolks too....deeper yellow of the yolk is the one from my dad's oh so happy hens. 

I recommend to fire up that skillet and whip these little multivitamins up, throw it on a piece of toast and enjoy with a side of fresh fruit :). I'm not gonna lie, I do enjoy eggs with bacon, just not every time.

Scrambled eggs, salsa, left over veggies, homemade biscuit, and turkey bacon= GREAT breakfast
Got eggs for dinner? Yum. Quinoa and things with eggs over easy.

Have a very happy last Saturday of National Nutrition Month!


Your Dog pic of the day :). It was a great day to go for a walk before the rain hit and better yet to have a good chat with my best friend.