Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shramrock Half Marathon PR....Plus 7 Minutes :)

2014 Shamrock Half Marathon, VA
Well, not quite a personal record (PR) for the half because I went about 7 minutes faster 2 years ago and clocked in 1:37:05 this year. I am happy and healthy in the midst of a dietetic internship; which can be hard to achieve. I had a great message leading into my race from my coach, Jim McGehee, " Have fun and just race smart..." which is exactly what I needed to hear and remind myself. My base training has been a lot weaker as of late, but I was excited to see what I could do. In my mind today I had a PR, a PR through stress, internship, winter, and lack of motivation. I felt great during the race and after with an added bonus of my roommate coming and racing (plus driving us 14+ hours round trip) and TLC from my family. 

Photo Courtesy of the amazing Jordan Chang
Photo courtesy of Crystal Witte

Nothing like your race day T-shirt
I have to say it was great seeing old friends and having somebody cheering you on during a race.

  Meanwhile, it's still National Nutrition Month so let's have some fun with nutrition and racing ;). Race day nutrition can be a key element to a successful arsenal that an athlete can implement. Sometimes the days leading into your race can be overlooked or under appreciated. I fall into this habit too! Everyday fueling is just as important to optimize recovery while preparing your body for the next training effort. To keep it simple, balanced meals with a focus on timing and composition of these meals will make your body and tummy happy. Here are some of the meals that I had a couple of days before the race and after :). What's on your plate leading into a race?

Thursday dinner fueling before hitting the road. Chicken, quinoa curry mixture, and veggies.

Brunch on Friday of orange, raspberries, and egg sandwich.
Saturday dinner included a big salad and red velvet cake (no picture; ate too fast) and baked chicken with pasta.
Sunday dinner of left over squash lasagna with roasted asparagus.
Sometimes it's the little things in life that can make a big difference. Especially when you forget the girth to your saddle. Bareback it is!

And Refuel! Treat time :)


Your family dog pic of the week :)