Sunday, April 20, 2014

What is a Foodie to do in Pittsburgh?

Happy Easter everyone! Well, I will be busy with awesome activities of hanging with friends for a get together at one of the interns houses ( rock!) and then heading over to have Easter dinner with my roommate's family. They rock too!

Yesterday though...I had a little mini tour of hot spots for foodies in Pittsburgh. After a pretty intense past couple of weeks in my clinical rotation (completed week 5 of 8), it was nice to be able to relax and enjoy a little TLC. Here's a short snap shot of my exploration through the flavors and spices of just a small section in the City of Steel.

I started the day off playing chuck it (ball) with Steely at Schenley Park. Guess this was just gonna be a lucky day, because I stumbled upon my camera's cap that I had dropped on the path back in December or January!

Next up was breakfast at hands down my favorite breakfast/lunch place that I've tried in Pittsburgh, Square Cafe. This place is colorful, fun, food always comes out quick, and most of all, fresh and delicious. The coffee cups make you wanna drink an endless stream of thought provoking caffeine. 

Two RD-2-Be at Square Cafe!

The best part of eating at Square Cafe was meeting my friend to celebrate her final day of rotation with the Pittsburgh University combined dietetic internship and masters program. How you can not celebrate that amazing accomplishment without coffee and pancakes??? With the Square Cafe new seasonal menu that came out this past Tuesday, I had to try the Chunky Monkey pancakes which were filled with bananas and chocolate chips with a finish of coconut shavings. My friend go that Lemmon-Berry Ricotta pancakes and I must say I will have to give that a try next time! As a foodie and self-proclaimed pancake lover, I do recommend for you to give this place a try. Snuggled up right near Frick Park,  it has more than amazing pancakes, but also with a full array of egg creations to home made gnocchi.

Chunky Monkey Yumm!
After the celebratory breakfast, I waited for my roommate to get back from working a 5k so we could take the dog for a walk around Schenley Park (perks of living behind a park). It was so nice outside that it was just unnatural to be inside.


Next up was my second ever visit to the strip district near the downtown area in Pittsburgh with my friend Jacie and fellow intern. It was sunny, bustling, and a full market atmosphere that drew you in to the different vendors and food stands. I stocked up on fresh bell peppers for a bargain and tried a gyro for lunch from a food stand. If your new to Pittsburgh like I was, the strip district area is a hot spot especially when the weather finally fees like spring. 

Photo credit: Jacie Johnson
Jacie looking stylish with her shades! Love them.
How could you not get messy hair when you get this excited with prices for produce!?!
Yummm.....lunch on the go.

Next stop, Schenley Park where Jacie the photographer snapped some shots of me smiling and not....well being silly. The first pic is an example of my usual photos.

This one isn't too bad but some pics I just look plain crazy...

Photo credit: Jacie Johnson.
I got home with some fresh produce and just had to start cooking with it. Do you ever buy produce and it goes bad before you use that? It happens to me and I hate it when I do that so I figured with I started cooking same day of purchase.  So with mild crock pot jambalaya left overs that the roomie made, I decided to make stuffed bell peppers. I sauteed some of the kale I had bought, added black beans, cayenne, and a runny egg on top for a completely revamped left overs dinner.

To finally top off my foodie adventure through Pittsburgh, I munched on my 4th clementine  of the day (we had a lot since I accidentally bought a second bag of clementines). I had one with each meal...a good way to spread them out.

The bowl I just bought at the strip district :). 
Well, that wraps up my eats for Saturday.

Have a fabulous Easter Sunday!

P.S- Dog pic of the week.