Friday, May 16, 2014

Graduation with 11 Amazing Interns

Well, 9 months later and 1200+ hours of supervised practice and... I AM DONE! The most amazing and awesome 11 other interns and I graduated yesterday from the dietetic internship. I still feel like I have a last minute assignment or time sheet to submit or something. The past two weeks have been crazy with finishing my last rotation, wrapping up the internship, hang time with the interns, adopting a second cattle dog, 3rd graduation in 3 years, and getting ready for my first post internship job this coming Monday with Excela Health.

Ok, so less of me talking now and more pictures of the past two weeks. A picture can provide a 1000 words...right? Get ready for picture overload.

Last day of clinical rotation last Friday (I learned so much at this rotation!) with a quick 1:35 minute drive home in traffic....Pirate's game with the interns.

Next up, Saturday was a great get together of the interns and enjoying the city at night. There are some great views for sure!

Next up, Sunday Funday for Mother's Day with puppy adoption from an amazing organization, AuCaDo (Australian Cattle Dog Rescue).  I have to say that adopting from this organization was such a great experience. They were very thorough with their screening process to make sure that their dogs were placed with the right homes. LOVE. Meet Kale!

Wednesday brought good food again at Square Cafe.

Happy belly with 3 eggs and home-made chorizo, fingerlings, tomatoes, onions, and cheddar cheese.

Finally, this past Thursday...graduation!

I couldn't have done it without the support of my family, friends (2 legged and 4 legged kind), and these amazing fellow interns... thank you Brieanna, Erin, Haley, Jacie, Sam, Sammy, Kaycie, Kelly, Nicole, Rachel, Katie, and Roxy!

Next up, I start my first job after the internship at The Well Being Center as a part-time outpatient dietitian with Excela Health.


P.S- Your dog pic of the week is now x12 :). We created a collage as a gift for our internship seminar teacher who is an avid dog owner.