Monday, June 30, 2014

Dam Triathlon Race Report

Dam that triathlon! Ha...just joking. It was actually a great local triathlon to get kick started from my 11 month triathlon hiatus. I had originally signed up for the Olympic distance that was happening the same day, but dropped down to the sprint due to the lack of biking/swimming. I think about 40 total miles biked for May and June and swimming...let's just not talk about that. Running has been going pretty well, so I lucked out that the sprint was a true sprint and had just the right amount of swim and bike. 

Four other Pittsburgh Triathlon Club members and I stayed at Allegheny College where there were dorm rooms to score for $25. We rocked it out in our 5 person sweet with a full kitchen that was not used. 

My dorm room definitely did not have a full kitchen!

Race morning the Olympic went off at 8:00 am and I and another PTC member were able to cheer on the other PTC's out there swimming. We got to see Kelly come first out of the water for women in the elite wave! 

My wave was up for the sprint 40 minutes after the start of the Olympic. Fast forward 500m swim, and 10 miles into the bike I could feel the lack of conditioning so tried to keep a consistent effort over the rolling hills. Run, I just gave what I head left in the tank and had some fun. The run course was pretty cool (not as cool as the Olympic where you run over the dam) with a nice trail section that felt never ending towards the actual end. Finished with a 2nd overall female place and happy that I got to brush some cobwebs off.

My Dam Triathlon Sprint Results:
500m swim: 7:48
T1: 1:55
Bike: 34:38
T2: 0:51
5k: 22:24
Total: 107:34

Had to rock out the One-on-One Endurance hat:).

Love the beaver face!

PTC cleaned up for placing with overall team award and also a 2nd place overall elite female
from the Kelly swim Miester. Since we car pooled together, the car was loaded with beavers on the ride home:). Seriously, you have to do this race to just get a beaver!

PTC members kicking butt.
Team award.
Olympic Overall Elite Female

And had to sneak in a food pic. Was craving wine and home cooked food which was fulfilled at my roommate's parents house. 


P.S.- Your dog pic of the week.