Friday, July 11, 2014

10 mile Run plus Over the Bar (OTB) Bicyle Cafe

Been a little busy this week with outpatient nutrition counseling, working with the Pitt football team, and health screenings. Finally getting around to posting about last weekend which was a blast and went by too fast with great company, great food, and great outdoor activities! 

My roommate and I brought the dogs over for some really good  food at a his family's get together for the 4th. I tried to make an extra effort to stay hydrated throughout the day. Sometimes the day can get away from you when your conversing with family and friends. Gatorade it up, but I generally follow the rule of thumb with electrolyte drinks that provide needed carbohydrate= useful for 90 minutes+ and/or hot/humid conditions. So I added a little Gatorade mix to my bottle for the easy 26 mile bike ride that included some bridges for only two wheeled or two legged crossings.

Kale, fruit, and tomato/mozzarella salad with wings and spaghetti squash side. YUM! Happy 4th.

Sunday Funday was executed with driving over to North Park with a planned 10 mile long run followed by a recovery meal at Over the Bar (OTB) Bicycle Cafe. 

Now, I've gotten several questions this past week about "healthy eating" or "eating clean". My personal opinion and philosophy in regards to following an optimal diet is 85/15 rule of thumb....meaning 85% of time I'm eating well to support my body/acitivities and 15% of the time I will have a treat or food item that might be labeled at "not so healthy". My goal is to eat a balanced diet while allowing all foods to fit. So the hamburger that came with coleslaw, egg, bacon, and fries between the patty and bun....does FIT into my diet. I split the burger in half (great lunch the next day with some tomato and spaghetti squash), subbed out the fries for sauted zucchini, and finished it with a chocolate milk. This dish was a thank you to my body for stretching a little out of my current level of fitness comfort zone.

Another pretty perfect feature of the OTB ambiance is the bike theme. I. AM. IN. LOVE. Bring your bike and park it in front of the boathouse. If you get a flat, no worries cause the cafe carries extra tubes and tools are all out front. The day we were there, a local bike shop was out letting people try free demo rides/fits with some pretty cool bikes.

Overall, I was in bicycle heaven with a long run and a good burger.

So, head out to North Park and get your run/bike on and enjoy a relaxing/recovery meal at OTB. Looking forward to what this weekend will bring.


P.S.- Your dog pic for Friday.