Saturday, July 26, 2014

Erie Half Marathon Race Report

Short and sweet, the Erie half marathon race last weekend was a lot of fun! How can a race be fun? Well, I'm not saying it didn't hurt (I was more sore then normal the next day), but the venue, race course, logistics, available bathrooms, weather (65 degrees), and price ($35 when we signed up) was great. The race was located at a park with the entire one loop completely flat race course surrounded by nature. I was in my element.

My roommate and I left at 4:00 am the morning of and picked up our packet around 6:00 am. We were at the starting line and off at 6:45 am. I went into the race with a goal pace of 7:30 or under per mile and ended up with a 1:36:24 for an average mile pace of 7:22. I'm happy with that with it being my fastest of the 3 half marathons I've done this year. There were two segments at mile 4 and mile 10 that I went with two girls that picked up the pace.

By the finish line.

Erie Half Marathon- 13.1 miles

Mile 1- 7:12
Mile 2- 7:29
Mile 3- 7:34
Mile 4- 7:14
Mile 5- 7:25
Mile 6- 7:20
Mile 7- 7:21
Mile 8- 7:19
Mile 9- 7:24
Mile 10- 7:12
Mile 11-7:32
Mile 12- 7:16
Mile 13- 7:04
0.1- 0:55
Total time: 1:36:24

We fueled up with a burger from a food truck and hit the road. If your in the PA area, I would recommend this race for a great PR course or just to have fun.


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