Monday, August 4, 2014

Pittsburgh Sprint Triathlon Race Report

I lucked out racing the sprint triathlon this past Saturday weather wise! Saturday dawned with clear skies and no rain. Sunday on the other hand brought down torrential rain while people were out racing the Olympic distance. Thunder and lightening decided to show up that day. Yikes!

Well, I wasn't thinking to much about the race Friday working a 12 hour day. The day flew by though when you love what you do. Saturday morning had a 6:45 am start. I love triathlons where it only takes you 13 minutes to get to the race site. The swim was also on my side in that is was short and down river. Last year I did the Pittsburgh Olympic race, but this year Age Group Nationals was a week away so the sprint it was. I definitely had a little more trouble getting myself through the race last year! Another huge thank you to Kris Shepardson for a second year in a row taking some great photos. Photo credit: Kris Shepardson!

Pittsburgh Sprint Triathlon- 600m swim, 20k bike, and 5k run
17th/316 entries
2nd/137 females

600m swim: 9:40
T1: 0:50
Bike: 36:29
T2: 0:41
Run: 21:57
Total time: 1:09:36

Not going to lie, the award was pretty sweet!

Hanging out at the True Runner booth supporting the athletes.

Sunday came and I was at the True Runner booth. I was cheering on the athletes and also there to answer any sports nutrition questions.

Then the down pour came with the thunder and lightening while people were still racing. I was shocked that they didn't pull the racers from the bike or run at that point (the top finishers had already come but there were still a good number athletes on the course).

Down pour on Sunday.

Can't even see the river and bikers were still out! Food for thought.


PS- Your dog pic for the week.