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My name is Edith Nault, but my friends call me Edie. This blog is dedicated to sports nutrition, triathlons, and my love of food! I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist exploring the City of Steel (Pittsburgh) while being an amateur triathlete training for more. I am currently the outpatient dietitian at Excela Health's Well Being Center and consulting sports dietitian in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Also.....an occasional animal post will be provided.

Nutrition Counseling
Virginia Tech Graduation

Tech Team:TriAdventure Sprint, 2013

I received my bachelor's in Dietetics and  my master's in Nutrition from Virginia Tech. Go Hokies! Virgina Tech as been the platform from where I have grown as a person, athlete, and future nutrition professional. After joining the Virginia Tech Triathlon Club and One-On-One Endurance team coached by Jim McGehee, my passion to continue developing as an athlete blossomed. Training for endurance events is an never ending learning experience that I will be sharing along the way.  Some of my athletic highlights are a 15th undergraduate finish (18th overall ) at the National Collegiate Triathlons, 2012 All-American Triathlon honors, and a 1:28:47 PR at the Richmond Half Marathon.

My love for cooking had also grown. I love to create a food journey in the kitchen with a little flare and lots of spice to fuel my active lifestyle. My motto to fuel this lifestyle is start with real food first, enjoy everything in moderation, and fill up with plant-based meals as much as possible.

I'll strive to keep you up to date in new recipes I create, latest news in nutrition, and my life as a dietitian while training for triathlons!
Stay well fueled my friends,

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